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This wizard will guide you through the setup process.
Step 1: Your Server Environment

In this step, the FlashChat installer will determine if your system meets the requirements for the server environment. To use FlashChat, you must have PHP with MySQL support, and write-permissions on certain files. After installation, you may set all files to non-writable formats, EXCEPT for appdata/appTime.txt and /uploaddir/, which must remain writable.

PHP version >= 4.1.2: Yes
PHP 5 compatibility mode: Yes
PHP session support (recommended):Yes
MySQL support exists: No
Files uploaded in binary mode (MD5 545e24c6507871535aa1964ffdc1a84e):Yes
PHP setting magic_quotes_runtime is disabled:Yes
PHP setting safe_mode is disabled:Yes
PHP setting >= 400:Yes
/temp is writable: Yes

The installer has detected some problems with your server environment, which will not allow FlashChat to operate correctly.

Please correct these issues and then refresh the page to re-check your environment.

Some of the problems that have been detected are file permission problems. You must correct these issues manually, and then refresh this page after the corrections have been made. Most FTP programs, like WS_FTP, AbsoluteFTP, and CuteFTP, allow users to change the permissions of files and folders on the server.